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Graphic inks for Flexographic

Poliamyde based ink 12.000/B FL

For treated polyethylene and polypropylene. A polyamide based type with fluorescent colors and properties that comply with the demands of the flexible surfaces’ market.

Formula and description
Polyamide based ink with soluble resins in co- solvents. High concentration; covering power and a variety of tones.
These types are characterized for having an excellent resistance to friction and they are fluorescent.

Applicability on Materials
Polyethylene Yes Aluminum Yes
Polypropylene Yes Paper Yes
Polyester Yes Cardboard Yes
Pearled OPP Yes P.V.C. No

Properties and Resistances
Brightness Very Good
Traction resistance Very Good
Water resistance Good
Acid Lactic resistance Regular
Grease resistance Bad
Solvent liberation Good
Temperature resistance 90 °C

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