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Cotigraf S.A., manufactures inks, varnishes and diluents for gravure and flexographic printing.

Our products, appreciated between the most demanded converters, are market with the developments and technical assistance according to the needs of printing and packaging specifications.

We are suppliers of the most important Argentine brands and export them to different countries of Latin America.
Graphic Inks
As the final result of the prints made out of our inks is for packaging products, especially for the food industry, the contents of pigments, resins and solvents are strictly controlled to avoid the alteration of the product.
Varnishes and Diluents
We offer different types of varnishes of additional use to improve or complete the use of the ink.

Also, we offer you a specific solution on diluents and solvents for each type of ink.
Pantone® Products
Pantone® Guides are international references to select and control the ink color on printed products.

It is a common tool used between graphic art professionals that allows them to print a specific color.
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Cotigraf S.A.
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